Details zum Projekt

  • Name

    Potassium Nitrate Production Plant

  • Industrie


  • Produkt

    Potassium Nitrate (KNO3) and Ammonium Chloride (NH4Cl)

  • Umfang

    Basic and Details Engineering
    Process Equipment Design and Manufacturing
    Site Assembly and Piping
    Electrification, Instrumentation and Automation
    Steel Structures and Construction
    Testing and Commissioning

  • Status


Crystalline Nitrate of Potassium Potash (NOP) is a water-soluble fertilizer that can be easily added or leached into the soil. Water Soluble Potassium Nitrate is a fast acting, highly efficient and extremely useful fertilizer used to increase the yield and quality of horticulture and all field and grain crops. Considering the general fertilizer market, high purity water soluble crystalline potassium nitrate fertilizer is the product preferred by producers due to its high profitability and sales potential.

ASOS's process solutions for the Water Soluble Crystalline Nitrate of Potassium Potash (NOP) Plant:

  • High Efficiency MSMPR (Mixed Suspension, Mixed Product Removal) Crystallizer Units, 
  • Reaction Units specially designed for Potassium Chloride (KCl) and Nitric Acid (HNO3) process,
  • MVR (Mechanical Vapour Recompression) Units for low steam consumption, 
  • High efficiency Fluidized Bed Dryer and Cooler Unit
  • Redundant Automatic Process Control (DCS) Unit providing control of the entire plant from a single point.

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