Details zum Projekt

  • Name

    Water Soluble Crystal Boron Fertilizer Production Plant

  • Industrie


  • Produkt

    DiSodium Octaborate (Na2B8O13)

  • Umfang

    Basic and Details Engineering
    Process Equipment Design and Manufacturing
    Site Assembly and Piping
    Electrification, Instrumentation and Automation
    Steel Structures and Construction
    Testing and Commissioning

  • Status


High Purity Water Soluble Crystalline Boron Fertilizer is known to help agricultural fields produce high-yielding crops. Boron Fertilizer is a product developed especially for the agricultural sector and designed to be used in soil and foliar applications by dissolving in water. The water-soluble crystalline fertilizer produced from the reaction of Borax and Boric Acid must contain a minimum of 20.8% boron in order to provide the required yield.

ASOS's process solutions for Water Soluble Crystalline Boron Fertilizer Plant:

  • Special Designed Spray Dryer Unit with Rotary Atomizer to produce heat sensitive and stable product,
  • Reaction Units specially designed for Disodium Octaborate (Na2B8O13),
  • Polish Filtration Unit for the removal of unwanted suspended solids,
  • High efficiency Grinding Unit,
  • Fully Automated Process Control (DCS) Unit for efficient and safe operation.

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