ASOS provides services in the fields of process technologies, laboratory experiments, pilot-scale testing, process and facility design, project management, and the production and procurement of process equipment, up to turnkey industrial facilities in its state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing center in Turkey. With its open-minded approach to new technologies and an experienced team of experts, ASOS has positioned itself as a leader in the industry by delivering technical solutions that are tailored to the existing conditions and structures, with a focus on methodological accuracy and optimal solutions in projects of all scales, certified with international management standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001,GOST and OHSAS 18001.

The ever-changing economic competitive landscape compels production and infrastructure companies to adopt sustainable production methods based on international quality standards, low cost, environmental sensitivity, high efficiency, and integrated automation systems that can work in tandem. From the very beginning of its entry into the industry, ASOS has made it a top priority to provide, develop, and execute forward-looking process solutions, in line with its commitment to the future.

Process Engineering: The process stages of the final product to be produced are made by engineers who are experts in equipment and facility design according to international standards, and the process design is created with the basic and detailed engineering of the entire process.

Projecting: After the finalized process design, the final projects are designed and simulated using 2D and 3D solid modeling programs.

Production: ASOS carries out the production of process equipment that requires high technology in its own factory, again with state-of-the-art automatic machines.

Quality control: Process equipment is checked at every stage of manufacturing, and project requirements and compliance are audited. All required certification trainings of the manufacturing personnel are renewed annually.

Production: The production and manufacturing of the completed process equipment is documented in the test department with international quality certification such as TUV, CE, ASME,GOST EAC, according to the project requirements. 

Automation: The facilities designed by process control software engineers and expert electrification staff are automated to ensure perfect harmony between processes.

Assembly: ASOS, using its extensive EPC experience and expertise according to customer and contract requirements, performs the assembly of various types of industrial facilities, process equipment, as well as all necessary construction, steel structure and auxiliary facilities. 

Testing and Commissioning: Testing and commissioning represent the final stage of project implementation. During this phase, cold and hot tests are conducted on all processor devices, equipment, and technological hardware in accordance with established procedures. Additionally, mechanical and electrical devices are started, and the control and automation systems for the technological process are put into operation.



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