ASOS, with its years of expertise, has developed and established a Research and Development Pilot Test Center, where it conducts research on your processes. This includes revealing the specifications of flowcharts, raw materials, intermediate products, and final products. It allows for the testing of technologies and processes on a small scale before making large-scale investments.

A well-planned and accurate pilot test study reduces technical risks and increases the success of the final process.

ASOS's pilot test services, tailored to your processes, assist in the creation of practical, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly process flowcharts. They also provide data for capital and operating cost estimates, optimizing facility investments.

ASOS's Pilot Test studies can be used to evaluate existing operating processes, examine new technologies, or solve problems without interrupting production at the main facility.

With extensive experience in various products and technologies in Pilot Plant studies, ASOS offers definitive protocols for all pilot test activity procedures, as well as privacy, health, safety, and environmental concerns.

Services offered by the ASOS Pilot Test Center include:

  • Consultancy services on process technology and economic feasibility.
  • Testing with raw materials provided by the customer.
  • Development of process processes for new products.
  • Development and testing of new process equipment and technologies.
  • Production of final products in quantities suitable for sampling.

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