Forced Circulation Crystallizers are of mixed suspension and mixed crystal product extraction types. These types of crystallizers operate at controlled Crystal flake density depending on process requirements and mass balance. Forced Circulation Crystallizers can have single or multiple bodies/effects and are usually applied in combination with thermal (TVR) or mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) technologies. Depending on the crystallization process requirements, they can be operated from low vacuum to atmospheric pressure. 

A forced circulation crystallizer is a more performant design than a film when used in combination with a crystal leg. Forced Circulation Crystallizers, the forced circulation design overcomes viscosity limitation and significantly reduces fouling as well as high levels of control and stability.


  • Used in processes with a high concentration of fouling-causing impurities
  • Short maintenance times with long operating times
  • Optimized design with recirculation pump to reduce cleaning frequency


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