Technical Support:

After the installation of equipment or process machinery that we conduct, there may be requests for technical support related to equipment and processes. Our technical support team quickly assesses these requests and develops plans to provide the necessary support, either remotely or on-site at the customer's location.


We provide our customers with preventive maintenance and service to prevent issues before they occur. Through inspection and diagnostics, we extend the lifespan of your equipment and reduce unexpected costs.

The ASOS service team works towards ensuring the long-term sustainable operation of your equipment for many years.

Spare Parts:

  • We provide customers with lists of spare parts before or after installation and supply them according to customer requests.
  • After completing ASOS projects, we develop a scheduled maintenance plan and offer free maintenance within a specified timeframe after the installation of the technical equipment and machinery.
  • Our responsible technical team, working exclusively in service and maintenance 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, reminds you of the replacement of necessary spare parts and the need for routine maintenance, even if there are no issues.

Continuous Maintenance and Service Agreements:

  • We provide our customers with service and maintenance under warranty.
  • We ensure customers have access to all spare parts and equipment for manufacturing processes.
  • Our continuous maintenance and service team promptly addresses equipment issues within the agreed-upon period.
  • We provide customers with regular reports on work and updates in processes through periodic site visits.

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