Although many new technologies have been developed, Rotary Dryers/Calcinators are still used in calcination and drying processes in many industries.

Rotary Dryers/Calcifiers are preferred because of their robust and simple construction, combining flexibility with reliability, processing a wide variety of materials and allowing continuous operation in the toughest conditions.

Rotary Dryers/Calcinators allow the use of the highest possible drying and calcination temperatures and, unlike other dryers, are not sensitive to wide variations in material size, moisture content or yield.

Rotary dryers/calciners are specially designed according to the product. After the laboratory and pilot tests of the material to be dried, the length, diameter and operating temperature are determined for the drying and calcination plant.

Rotary Dryer systems can be designed according to different energy sources. The energy recovered from the waste gases is reused through the energy recovery units used in the Rotary Dryer system. Rotary Dryer systems are offered to our customers on a turnkey basis with drying, calciner, cyclone, filtering and cooling systems.


  • High calcined product and drying capacity
  • Special design according to the properties of the material
  • Suitable design for materials with large particle sizes distribution
  • Energy saving with energy recovery systems
  • Low operation and maintenance requirements

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