In granulation process, fine particulate material and liquid/gas are fed to the appropriate type of granulator and agglomerated to form a granulated product.

Granulation process can be selected as batch or continuous type according to process and material properties. The final granular product consists of a mixture of main raw materials, binders, diluents, flow aids, surfactants and fillers.

Granulation processes are determined by considering the following specifications of the products:

  • Chemical properties of the product,
  • Structural deterioration of the product,
  • Temperature zone of the product,
  • Granular product size,
  • Granular product hardness.

ASOS offers the following Granulation Technologies to its customers according to the needs of the industries:

  • Fluid Bed Granulator
  • Rotary Granulator
  • Mixer Type Granulator


Fluid Bed Granulator

In Fluid Bed Granulation technology, fine particulate materials are fluidized, mixed and dried with hot air. The design of the appropriate air distribution system is important to ensure the mixing of solid particles...


Rotary Granulator

In the Chemical and Fertilizer Industry, Rotary Granulators are frequently preferred with the advantages they have in the granulation of fertilizers such as NPK/DAP/TSP/SSP and many chemical products.


Mixer Type Granulator

Mixer type granulators provide granulation and agglomeration processes with mechanical mixing method. There are various types of mixer granulator designs developed for different products. Considering the characteris...


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