Rapid urbanization and population growth in parallel with technological developments and industrialization are rapidly increasing the pressure of human activities on the environment both in our country and all over the world. While the expansion in production and marketing activities made more intensive use of natural resources inevitable, the wastes formed with the ever-increasing consumption trend have reached dimensions that threaten the environment and human health due to both their quantity and harmful content.

Wastes can be classified depending on various factors such as consumption, production, chemical and physical properties. Accordingly, wastes in general; can be classified as solid, liquid and gaseous wastes. The effects of all wastes on the environment can be biological, chemical and physical.

ASOS Process Solutions and Services

ASOS provides services for the demands of new investments, expansion of existing capacities or increasing efficiency in Environment and Zero waste projects, with plant and process equipment solutions designed for long-term operation in harsh environmental conditions.

ASOS offers solutions to its customers in a wide range of products to meet high technology requirements from laboratory and pilot studies to the design and manufacture of process equipment.


Our Process Solutions

  • Evaporation Units
  • Drying Units
  • Combustion and Energy Production Units
  • Gas Cleaning Equipment
  • Product Handling Equipment

Our Process Services

  • Laboratory and Pilot Tests
  • Process Engineering and Design
  • Process Equipment Production
  • Process Automation and Electrification
  • Assembly and Test Commissioning

ASOS Process Technologies offers many differentEnvironment and Zero waste projects applicable to:

  • Waste Water Treatment Sludges
  • Forest Wastes
  • Domestic Waste
  • Industrial Discharge Waters
  • Biomass Waste

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