Spray Dryers are widely used in all kinds of industries. They have a wide application area especially in the chemical and food industries. It offers unique advantages while protecting dry materials from degradation. The ability to prevent deterioration during drying makes spray dryers a preferred process for the chemical industry.

The spray drying process also offers the advantage of producing a powder whose granulometry can be adjusted within limits and therefore greatly improves the properties and ease of use of the dried material.

In Spray Dryers, the liquid phase is fed to the atomizer unit with a positive high pressure pump. Hot air is supplied into the dryer from the air distribution channels located at the top of the spray dryer. The lower part of the Spray Drying chamber is conical making easier to discharge the product in the drying chamber.


  • Suitable for using in many fields from the chemical industry to the food industry
  • Very flexible adjustment of product output capacity
  • Very short contact time with hot air
  • High product quality
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning

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