TVR (Thermal Vapor Recompression) technology provides energy savings in the use of live steam in evaporation processes. The low pressure steam coming from the evaporator enters the TVR with the vacuum effect and then combines with the live steam and used in the heating exchanger, which is used as a heat source to heat the solution inside the evaporatör. This evaporation technology uses much less steam than direct steam-heated designs, but requires motive steam pressure.

To reduce energy consumption, a thermocompressor (TVR) is normally used in a single-acting evaporator or in the first-stage of a double or triple-effect evaporator. Thermal recompression technology can be applied in solutions with low boiling points due to the critical vapor compression ratio.


  • Mechanically robust construction (no moving parts)
  • Low steam usage
  • Simple and flexible operation
  • Low coolant usage

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