Quality Policy:

ASOS, in the field of process technologies, is committed to continuously improving, staying dynamic, staying up-to-date with the times, and adopting a research-oriented and controlling approach to fulfill its commitments and achieve its goals. The company places great importance on understanding customer needs, meeting these needs, and consistently delivering services in the desired quality and on time to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. ASOS fosters mutually beneficial relationships with its suppliers, embraces a teamwork philosophy with all its employees, enhances employee quality through training programs, and promotes continuous improvement by improving working conditions.

 Environmental Policy:

ASOS aims to select technologies and processes that cause minimal harm to the environment and to use natural resources in the most efficient way possible in its operations. The company strives to minimize its environmental impact by ensuring proper disposal of waste materials. ASOS not only complies with all environmental regulations and legal obligations but also adheres meticulously to the requirements of an Environmental Management System to meet customer requirements and continually improve its environmental performance. ASOS is committed to raising awareness about environmental issues among its employees, suppliers, and customers, making the ASOS PROSES environmental policy known to the public, and continuously enhancing and implementing this policy.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

In accordance with all international laws and regulations regarding occupational health and safety, ASOS fulfills all the obligations necessary to ensure that all employees are in a workable environment from a health and safety perspective.

ASOS directs all efforts to minimize work-related illnesses, diseases, injuries, health impairments, and to provide a healthy and safe working environment. In all its activities, to minimize risks (causes, hazards) that can lead to accidents in the workplace, each employee is informed about identified hazards and risks, and timely control is maintained to comply with sanitary regulations and implement sanitary and epidemiological (preventive) measures.



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