In Falling Film type evaporators, a very short residence time occurs in the evaporator. The design advantages of the Falling Film evaporator is providing efficient heat transfer. In the operation of the falling evaporator, the fluid is pumped to the top of the heat exchanger and evenly distributed over the heat transfer area along the pipe. In order to maintain the dynamics of the evaporation process, the heat transfer area must be properly filled. Improper flow balance due to low flow or improper distribution inside the tubes causes dry spots and contamination inside the tubes.

Falling Film evaporators are among the most cost-effective evaporation systems used today. It also provides very high heat transfer coefficients. However, unlike forced circulation evaporators, they can have a greater fouling tendency, making them less effective in some applications.


  • High heat transfer coefficient
  • Low evaporation time
  • Flexible working times
  • High condensate quality

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