Mechanical Vapor Recompression (MVR) evaporation technology is one of the most preferred evaporator systems for efficient heat transfer and energy use. Mechanical recompression (MVR) works best in evaporation processes with a low boiling point and where larger heat transfer surfaces can be used to reduce differential temperatures in the heat exchanger.

MVR uses Centrifugal Turbo Fan units to recompress the vapors produced by the evaporator at higher pressure using electrical power. In the Mechanical Vapor Recompression Compressor, the steam is re-used as heating energy in the evaporator. Thus, there is no need to use fresh steam in this evaporation raprocess. As the electricity used as a source of energy, MVR Evaporation Technology is becoming an advantageous option compared to traditional multi-effect evaporators.


  • No live steam usage
  • Low cooling water usage 
  • Simple and flexible operation
  • High condensate quality

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