Project Details

  • Name

    Zero Liquid Discharge Plant (ZLD)

  • Industry

    Environment and Waste

  • Product

    Crystal Salt and Sludge

  • Scope

    Basic and Details Engineering
    Process Equipment Design and Manufacturing
    Site Assembly and Piping
    Electrification, Instrumentation and Automation
    Steel Structures and Construction
    Testing and Commissioning

  • Status


Given the scarcity of water resources and the rising costs for water treatment and wastewater disposal, the demand for new recycling technologies is increasing every day. Zero Liquid Discharge Plants benefit both industrial enterprises and the environment as they reduce costs and do not generate any waste or liquid discharge.

FC (Force Circulation Evaporator) Type Evaporator operating at low temperature, process solutions provided by ASOS for Zero Waste Discharge (ZLD) Plants:

  • Steam economy with TVR (Thermal Vapour Recompression) unit used in evaporators, 
  • Special design sludge mixing and feeding unit,
  • High Efficiency Belt Type Dryer Unit, 
  • Fully Automatic Process Control Unit for efficient and safe operation.

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